Universal Settlements International Inc.

Corporate Profile

Universal Settlements International Inc. is an Ontario Corporation operating since 1997 and is one of the original participants in the life settlement industry, represented in 36 countries. Product concept, design and development, asset and policy acquisition and investment administration are headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Universal provides life settlement solutions to both institutional and retail clientele and has been selected to be the exclusive supplier of life settlements to a number of funds, banks and financial institutions throughout the world.

Universal began providing life settlement solutions to its clients in the early days of this industry in Canada. With Universal becoming Canada’s largest provider of life settlement solutions, it was reviewed by both the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (“FSCO”) and the Ontario Securities Commission (“OSC”). In the ensuing investigations of both Universal and the life settlement industry in Canada, the regulator’s and Universal’s interests were aligned in that both parties wished to have guidelines established which would govern the sales of life settlements within Canada. Ultimately, in September 2006, the OSC deemed sales of life settlements to be treated as sales of securities and ruled that such sales are to be made only through appropriately licensed entities.

Universal is acknowledged as an innovator in the industry and enjoys worldwide acceptance of its products. Universal has facilitated the acquisition of over $400 Million of life settlements and has processed in excess of $100 Million in policy maturities on behalf of its clients.


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